Mobile machinery and equipment insurance

What is it?

This is the insurance against all risks of building machines, their equipment, agricultural machinery, other machinery or equipment.

What are insurance objects?

  • Construction and road machinery (cranes, excavator, lifts, tractors, graders, clogs, road rectifiers, etc.).
  • Transport equipment (for example, automatic loaders, portal or port cranes, conveyors, etc.).
  • Other self-propelled or transported machines.

What is an insured event?

All losses and losses incurred due to sudden and unexpected external risks of the insurance object are reimbursed:

  • accidents;
  • staff misconduct, negligence, ignorance;
  • unlawful acts of other persons (damage, breakage, etc.);
  • failure of measurement, regulation or security devices;
  • short circuit, induction;
  • “force majeure” circumstances (flood, rain, storms, hail, etc.);
  • fire, explosion, lightning strike;
  • theft.

The list of risks is not exhaustive because it can be insured against all risks.

Where is the insurance coverage valid?

The insurance coverage is valid in the area of use of the equipment.