About us

UADBB “Rizikos valdymo specialistai” is a fast growing insurance brokerage company, belonging to the insurance and financial consultancy group of companies which consists of credit insurance broker UADBB „Kreditų draudimo brokeris“, financial management consulting company UAB „RVS konsultacijos“ and debt collection company UAB „Skolų valdymo partneris“.

UADBB “Rizikos valdymo specialistai” provides its client with a wide range of professional health, life, non-standard risks, financial risks, operational risk insurance services and risk management.

The company recognize the unique needs of different client groups and our professionals specialize by product, function, and client industry: coordinated by strategic account managers, or relationship managers, who ensure a holistic view of the clients’ needs. By truly listening to their clients and working with them as partners, we can develop solutions that work seamlessly with their business.
UADBB “Rizikos valdymo specialistai” is proud to have among their clients many multinational companies from numerous different industries: transportation, information technology, energy, services, among others.

Customer reviews

 Raimondas Jucius
The company’s work flexibility, professionalism and many years of experience ensure high quality of service. We recommend choosing this insurance brokerage company as a reliable partner providing the highest quality insurance intermediation services.
Raimondas Jucius
Financial managerUAB Bang & Bonsomer
Saulė Motiejūnienė
We are satisfied with the work of UADBB ” Rizikos valdymo specialistai”, the team works quickly and qualitatively. We always recommend this company to others.
Saulė Motiejūnienė
DirectorUAB “Linolitas”