International cooperation

uniba partners

The year 2008 UADBB “Rizikos valdymo specialistai” has joined the UNiBA Partners organization, which is one of the largest independent risk management, insurance brokerage and employee benefits providers in the world. Since joining the organization, the company has become a member of the organization that supervises the Baltic States.

30 years of existance

More than 3 billion euros total premium

4000 combined stuff

130 countries served

About the UNiBA Partners organization

UNiBA Partners was founded in 1987 as a small group of brokers. Today the organization is a global platform collaborating with its partners and providing its customers with assistance to 120 countries around the world.

Quality, integrity and strong willingness to work together are the key principles of the functioning of UNiBA Partners.

UNiBA Partners members

UNiBA Partners performs a selection of members of the organization that helps to maintain the quality and sustainable development of the network. These members in the national markets are independent leading brokerage firms and participation in the organization is an integral part of their business strategy.

What is the benefit of membership to our customers?

  • We can offer insurance services worldwide;
  • We have contacts with the responsible risk underwriters in all insurance companies;
  • We offer advanced risk management programs in both local and international markets;
  • We participate in the meetings of UNiBA Partners to discuss insurance and risk management issues. Insurers are also invited to discuss market trends and to exchange the necessary information. UNiBA Partners is a professional organization and respected among international insurers.

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