Fintech insurance

Being within the financial services sector, professional indemnity is essential insurance and, for many, a compulsory regulatory requirement, whilst directors’ and officers’ insurance is key for attracting top management and personally protecting them.

For fintech businesses, which will have a combination of technology, money and personal data at their core, protection against cyber risks and theft is also an essential part of comprehensive cover.

Never underestimate the importance of your responses and actions in the immediate period after a cyber breach. They could be crucial for the survival of your company. We offer a single fintech policy which deals with all these issues.

What is it?

Fintech insurance is a complex insurance that protects the company from possible financial losses that may result from professional misconduct, civil liability, financial mismanagement and cyber risks.

Fintech insurance consists of:

  • Professional civil liability insurance
  • Leading Persons Civil Liability Insurance
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Cyber risk insurance