Travel insurance

What is it?

This insurance provides protection for financial losses incurred in the event of unforeseen events – when the journey is interrupted, airplane delay, missing luggage or other important items and many other cases. By choosing the right insurance, you will also ensure a safe trip for yourself and your family, and, if necessary, the necessary medical assistance.

Travel insurance is an integrated service consisting of:

  • health insurance abroad;
  • insurance against accidents during the trip;
  • luggage insurance;
  • travel insurance;
  • insurance of civil liability during a trip;
  • other travel insurance services.

Where is travel insurance valid?

Travel insurance is valid outside the Republic of Lithuania. You can choose the area of insurance coverage – only Europe or even the entire world. Travel insurance is generally not valid at hot spots, so it is advisable to consult with insurance specialist before traveling to countries that may be classified as unsafe.

Why is it worth to choose travel insurance?

Insurance provides:

  • Insurance protection against various risks that may arise during a trip;
  • The ability to insure against unforeseen costs and avoid unnecessary worries;
  • Consultation and assistance abroad during the day;
  • In case of event, operative event administration and quick damages compensation.