Construction work and third party civil liability insurance

This insurance consists of:

  • Construction work insurance
  • Civil liability insurance

What is the term of the insurance contract?

The term of the insurance contract covers the period from the beginning of construction to the end of construction. The amount of construction work insurance must be not less than the value of construction works and the minimum civil liability insurance amount is 43.4 thousand euros. At the end of the construction work, the civil liability insurance for the performed work is valid for another two years.

Who can be the insured?

  • The contractor, when the builder (the client) concludes a contract with the contractor for all the work insured.
  • The builder (the client), when the builder (the client) carries out the construction of the building in a domestic or in a mixed way or does not conclude a contract with the contractor for the performance of all works insured but concludes contracts with different contractors for the performance of individual insured works.