Obligatory driver civil liability (vehicle) insurance

What is it?

All vehicles (light and commercial vehicles, motorcycles and scooters, buses, trailers, etc.) must be insured for obligatory driver civil liability insurance.

This insurance provides protection for your as a vehicle manager / owner civil liability.

In the event of an accident this insurance compensates the losses incurred by third parties to their property and / or health, as well as for non-pecuniary damage. For example a vehicle of another person, a driver or passengers of another vehicle, passengers who were riding in your car have suffered a negative loss or other property such as a fence, a road sign, traffic light, etc. have been hit.

Depending on the insurance company in addition to the obligatory driver civil liability you can purchase:

  • Road aid insurance;
  • Driver and passenger accident insurance;
  • Insurance against theft;
  • Wild animals accident insurance.

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