Life insurance

The main purpose of life assurance is to take care of the financial wellbeing of people by insuring their life and health. The higher the amount of insurance you choose, the higher the benefit will be paid at the insured event. The younger and healthier you make a life insurance contract, the lower insurance premiums you pay.

Life assurance is divided into:

Guaranteed interest life assurance

By choosing guaranteed interest life assurance, you choose the amount of life assurance and the amount you are going to accumulate. During the entire insurance period, you pay the periodic contributions, the desired amount is accumulated. The amount of insurance premium depends on the amount of the life assurance and the amount you would like to accumulate, the age and the insurance period. The guaranteed life assurance benefit is being paid in 2 cases – after the expiry of the assurance period or loss of life.

Alongside the preferred basic life assurance cover, you can choose the following insurance coverage:

  • Disability and accidental death insurance;
  • Trauma due to an accident insurance;
  • Death due to an accident insurance;
  • Critical illness insurance.

Investment life assurance

It is a life assurance with a great opportunity to manage your own savings by investing yourself (by choosing the direction of your investment).

One of the investment options is the fees associated with one or more selected investment funds. The amount of accumulated savings will directly depend on the price of the unit-linked contract and the investment risk.

The investment insurance benefit is received in two cases: after the expiry of the insurance period or in case of loss of life. The cumulative amount is disbursed at the end of the insurance contract.

Individual natural persons and groups of legal persons are insured.

Group life assurance is a good tool for employees motivation, providing employees with the financial well-being they need most at the same time enhancing the attractiveness and marketability of the company.