Health insurance

What is it?

Voluntary health insurance (employee insurance by company funds) is one of the best motivational and loyalty causing measures for company employees. Benefits are felt promptly as soon as the insurance is available, as from the first insurance day, individuals can use private health care services.

The main benefits of health insurance are:

  • Encourages employees to take care of their health
  • The company’s staff is healthy, working and motivated

Insured employees can:

  • use private and public health services;
  • choose the doctor you want;
  • use rehabilitation procedures;
  • use the dentist’s services;
  • health prevention and vaccination;
  • purchase of medicines, vitamins, medical aid, optics;
  • strengthen your body with wellness treatments (sports clubs, yoga, massages, etc.).

How does health insurance work?

Each insured receives a health insurance card, which contains the specified services and their amounts which are being covered by the insurer within the limit of the indicated sum insured.

Insured persons may apply to all health care institutions in Lithuania having license to carry out healthcare services.

We recommend that you contact the health care institutions with which the insurer has entered into a cooperation agreement. Thus, for the provided personal health care services, the insurer reports directly with the medical institution, and the Insured does not need to pay for the services.

If the insured for the rendered services will pay by themselves, the insured will be refunded upon submission of the required documents to the insurance company.