Freight forwarders and CMR insurance

What is it?

This insurance insures the liability of carriers for the carriage of commercial goods which are carried by international road transport. The insurance is valid for transportation on international routes (under the CMR Convention) and in the Republic of Lithuania (in accordance with Lithuanian law).

What is insured?

CMR insurance covers transport objects:

  • transported by hired or own transport;
  • transported from or to Lithuania;
  • Transit cargoes;
  • Transportation of one or more vehicles.

What losses are compensated?

In case your client suffered negative lossess because of your fault, this insurance will compensate the following losses:

  • For transported cargo;
  • For financial losses incurred by the consignor or the consignee of the cargo because of your unfulfilled or inadequately fulfilled obligations under the transportation contract;
  • For damage caused to a third-party cargo;
  • For the purpose of temporary storage / use of various types of containers, trailers and semi-trailers.

What are the benefits of this insurance?

  • CMR insurance will help to prevent potential financial losses or disputes with clients, business partners.
  • At the expense of the insurer foreign lawyers and experts, whose services are expensive enough are hired.
  • If you insure with CMR insurance, you will have additional protection for your investments, and you will be more comfortable and safe to control business expenses.
  • Insured by CMR insurance the insurer compensates for the additional costs incurred by the insured event (cargo reloading or additional storage).