Water transport insurance

What is it?

This is an insurance product designed to protect the owners of water transport from any damage that may be caused to their ships, cargoes, terminals or any kind of water transport. This insurance also provides insurance against damage to other ships, land property and third parties.

What is insured?

  • Yachts;
  • Ships;
  • Speed boats;
  • Water bikes;
  • Boats;
  • other water vehicles.

What risks are insured?

  • Environmental pollution;
  • Collision of the ship with other ships or other assets;
  • Damage to a natural person or his property;
  • Damage, destruction or theft of the ship.

Water transport insurance is applicable to threats of the seas, lakes, rivers or other suitable navigable waters, fire, explosion, piracy, accident, collision with aircraft or similar objects, impact on land vehicle, dock, berth or equipment, earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning, accident while loading, unloading or reloading, captain, personnel, crew or pilot negligence and other losses incurred.