Construction designer compulsory insurance

What is it?

This insurance indemnifies the damage done to third parties and the client which arose during the validity period of the contract and during the warranty period (the period may not be shorter than the warranty period specified in article 6.698 part 1 point 1 of the Civil Code).

Insurance object

The insurance object is the civil liability of the designer of the building for the damage caused to the builder (client) and third parties. Civil liability of the main building designer includes civil liability of his subcontractors. In cases stipulated by law, in the absence of the main building designer all statutory designers must compulsory be insured with civil liability insurance.

Insurance period

Annual insurance contract

The insurance contract is made taking into account the amount of company’s designing work per year. The insurance term comprises of the term from the date of entry into force of the insurance contract till the expiry of the warranty period referred to in Article 6.698, part 1, point 1 of the Civil Code – the projects of the building or its parts transferred to the client during the period of insurance contract for which the design work contracts were signed after the building designer’s civil liability compulsory insurance contract date of entry into force.

Insurance contract for a separate project

The insurance term comprises the period starting from the project of the building to the end of the warranty period referred to in Article 6.698 part 1, point 1 of the Civil Code. The insurance contract for a separate building project is concluded from the beginning of the design of the building to the completion of it or the end of supervision of the building project implementation if the client concludes the relevant contract.